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CLINIC COVID19 Restriction Policies

Face Masks Policies

Clinic masking policy is dependent on several factors including community spread and risk associated with this. As massage therapy appointments are longer than 15 minutes in duration and includes very close proximity and contact in a closed room, masking policy will be made according to assessed risk to both therapist and patients.

At this time (April 5, 2024) community risk is LOW

Moderate / High Risk Policies : Both therapist and patients masking is required for appointments (surgical grade or higher for patients and N95 for therapist.). Patients will be provided with a surgical grade mask if they do not have one. Patients are also welcome to provide their own N95 if they so choose.

Low Risk Policy – Patient masking will be at the discretion of the patient. Therapist may continue to use N95. If patient chooses no mask, therapist may also wear protective eyewear due to close proximity of faces between patient and therapist. A mask will be provided to patients if they request one. Patients are again welcome to provide their own N95 mask if they so choose.

Hand Washing

The Ministry of Health is requiring all clients to clean their hands when entering the clinic and after their treatment. There is a sink in the bathroom (and a poster on Public Health’s hand-washing guide) as well as hand sanitizer that is available.

Scheduling Policies

  • Appointments will be staggered 30 minutes apart to allow for proper disinfection between clients.
  • Appointments during a lockdown will be prioritized based on a risk benefits analysis to both patient and therapist.
  • If you are unwell for any reason, please reschedule your appointments. If you have had close contact with a COVID 19 patient and are self monitoring, you will be required to wear a mask during your appointment.
  • Please arrive alone for your appointments. Unless you are the guardian of a minor child or have need of physical assistance, to minimize risk at this time, spouses and siblings may not attend appointments together.
  • Please arrive on time (or 5 minutes before) but please wait in your car for your confirmed appointment. You will be directed in when the therapist is ready for you (either by text or a thumbs up from the door).
  • Late Arrivals cannot be accommodated to your full booked time. In the past we have tried our best to accommodate, but now, to allow for proper dis-infection and cleaning between clients, your appointment time will be shortened and end when your session was originally supposed to.

Infection Control

  • The clinic will be cleaned and sanitized between clients. This includes the table and face cradle being sanitized and blankets and sheets changed (no change there). High contact surfaces such as bathroom, door knobs, light switches, counters, pin pad, floors, computers / electronics and pens will be sanitized as well.
  • PPE will be worn by the therapist during the appointments. The amount of PPE will be determined by the amount of risk to the therapist.

We have also added some features to the clinic to help with reduction in transmission of COVID19.

  • New paper towel dispenser in the bathroom and touchless soap dispenser.
  • Leather recliner is back, but wiped between with Biotext sanitizer
  • Garbage receptacles with step pedals (so no need to touch or see garbage).
  • New laundry hamper that will be cleaned and sanitized when laundry is done.
  • Recovering of clinic chairs, tables and stools to ensure no cracks or areas for potential pathogens.
  • Removal of carpets to aid in thorough cleaning of floors .
  • An AirSoap ion air cleaner in treatment room – (kills viruses)
  • When weather allows, ventilation of room with window opening.
  • Installation onto the main HVAC system of a Swordfish UVC filter (to protect the clinic and my home from potential viruses being circulated from the residential side to the clinic side and vice versa).
  • Several bottles of hand sanitizer both in reception and in treatment room.

I look forward to seeing my existing clients and boy have I missed you and of course look forward to meeting new ones.

Please email if you have any questions or need further clarification.